• The UMKA Foundation was officially registered in 2014, but the participants in the fund began helping, saving, treating and building homeless animals a long time ago, for more than ten years.
  • There are no official shelters in Vladivostok, and the UMKA foundation is not a shelter either.
  • UMKA Foundation is a completely non-profit organization, which means we do not receive salaries, we have basic and non-animal work. All activities of the fund are carried out to the aid of caring people, volunteers and the participants of the fund themselves.
  • The UMKA Foundation is what was once a commandment of the soul, a desire to help with compassion, and over the years has grown into a huge work and titanic work. What once was three, five, ten animals became one hundred of the foundation’s pets. More than 100 pets - this is precisely the number of cats and dogs on an average monthly balance and under the care of the fund.

Fund address and contacts: