in the charity program "Marathon of Goodness"

1. Terms and definitions

Charity program “Marathon of Goodness”/ The program – is an open public program that is motivational in nature, aimed at attracting people to socially important problems, and at charity.
The Program allows Participants to accumulate Bonuses for rendering Good Deals with Partners in the program area with the subsequent use of accumulated Bonuses to receive Discounts for participation in events organized by the Program Organizer.

The Organizer of the Program/ The organizer – is the autonomous non-profit organization “Running Sports Club“ DNS ”(Digital Network System)”, (OGRN 1152500001004, TIN 2543073950, location: 690068, Primorsky Territory, Vladivostok, 100th Anniversary of Vladivostok Avenue, 155, building 3), which has exclusive rights to manage, maintain and develop the Program, ensuring the provision of Bonuses to the Program Participants provided for by the Program Rules.

The Administrator – is the responsible specialist of the Organizer, registering the Partners and their Good Deeds on the Site.

Partner – a legal entity or individual entrepreneur who has voluntarily entered (s) into the Organizer's Program. As part of such a partnership, Participants are given the opportunity to receive Program Bonuses for doing Good Deeds in accordance with the Partner Participation Rules.

Participant – a capable individual who is the recipient of Bonuses, who at the time of registration in the Program is 18 years old, who has confirmed his voluntary consent to participate in the Program by voluntary registration on the Program Website.

Partner Cabinet – a personal page of the Partner on the official Website of the Program containing information about the Partner of the Program, as well as other data necessary for the implementation of the Program.

Good deed – a special offer provided by the Program Partner for the fulfillment of the Program Participants.

Bonus – a virtual conditional bonus unit credited to the Member's Bonus account for doing Good deeds with Partners in the framework of the Program. Bonus is the accounting unit of the Program.

Program website – the official website of the Program Organizer, located on the Internet at:, which is the main source of information about the Program.

2. General Provisions

2.1. These Terms of participation in the charity program "Marathon of Good" (hereinafter referred to as the Conditions of Participation) determine the conditions and procedure for participation in the charity program "Marathon of Good" (hereinafter - the Program).

2.2. The program is valid throughout the Russian Federation.

2.3. The program is valid from the moment of its launch indefinitely until the moment of suspension or termination by decision of the Organizer. The Organizer reserves the right to suspend, modify or terminate the Program at any time by posting relevant information on the Program Website 30 (thirty) calendar days before the suspension, change or expiration of the Program. The program is not an incentive event, lotteries or other risk-based game, the issuance of prizes under this program is not provided.

3. Participation in the Program

3.1. Participation in the program is voluntary.

3.2. Joining the Program is free.

3.3. Partners of the Program can only be legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

3.4. A legal entity or individual entrepreneur can become a Partner by contacting the Organizer and providing the information necessary for registration on the Program Website.

3.5. After registration in the Program, the Partner is given access to the Partner’s Cabinet.

3.6. The Organizer and the Partner jointly determine the list of Good deeds of the Partner, the procedure for their fulfillment by the Participants and the amount of Bonuses to be awarded to the Participants for performing Good Deeds. At the same time, Good deeds provided by the Partner for the fulfillment of the Program Participants should relate only to the area of ​​activity of the Partner.

3.7. After the Organizer and the Partner agree on the data specified in clause 3.6 of these Terms of Participation, the Administrator posts the following information about the Partner’s Good Deeds on the Site:

  • the name of the Good Deed in Russian and English;
  • a brief description of the Good Deed in Russian and English;
  • the procedure for performing the Good Deed by the Participant in Russian and English;
  • logo of the Partner and Good Deed;
  • City of Good Deed;
  • the number of Bonuses awarded to the Participant for the performance of a Good Deed.

3.8. The functionality and capabilities of the Program are determined by the technical capabilities of the Partner.

3.9. The program is implemented using third-party software and hardware systems or cash software.

3.10. These Terms of Participation may be amended at any time without prior notice to the Program Partners. The current version of the Terms of Participation is posted on the Program Website, which is a sufficient and appropriate way to notify Partners of changes in the Terms of Participation.

4. Personal data

4.1. By joining the Program and agreeing to the Terms of Participation, the Partner agrees to the processing of personal data without reservations and restrictions.

4.2. The Partner provides the Organizer with the following information: name of organization; TIN / KPP, legal address of the organization; direction of the organization; Organization website surname, name, patronymic, position, email, phone number of the organization’s contact person.

4.3. The partner guarantees the accuracy and reliability of the information provided, as well as the fact that all the data specified by him belongs to him personally.

4.4. The Organizer undertakes not to disclose the information received from the Partner, to observe the confidentiality of personal data for exceptions provided for by these Terms of Participation and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

4.5. In the event that the Participant has provided personal data of third parties, the Participant is responsible for informing a third party about the use of this data and for obtaining appropriate consent.

4.6. The purpose of the processing of personal data is their storage and use, including for:

  • Partner registration in the Program;
  • fulfillment of their obligations to the Participants;
  • providing information about the Program, Partners and Good Deeds;
  • evaluation and analysis of the program.

4.7. The Organizer is not responsible for the accuracy and accuracy of the data provided by the Partner, for the consequences of providing the Partner with inaccurate, inaccurate data and (or) data of third parties.

5. Rights and obligations

5.1. Administrator

5.1.1. The Administrator is obliged to consider the application of a potential Partner for registration in the Program within 10 (ten) business days.

5.1.2. If necessary, the Administrator has the right to request additional documents from a potential Partner confirming its reliability.

5.1.3. The administrator has the right to refuse registration in the Program without explanation.

5.1.4. The total period of moderation of Good Deeds by the Administrator shall not exceed 10 (ten) business days from the moment of receipt of information about the new Good Deal of the Partner by e-mail specified in clause 7.3. of these Terms of Participation.

5.1.5. The Administrator has the right to reject the Partner’s Good Deed, as well as to terminate the participation of any Partner in the Program without notice in cases where the Partner:

  • does not comply with the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • does not comply with these Terms of Participation;
  • provides misleading information or incorrect information to the Administrator;
  • places materials or information that could be harmful, containing threats, swearing, rude and offensive language and suggestions that contradict generally accepted moral standards, illegally use the personal information of third parties;
  • poses a threat to the work of the Program, technical means, platforms for its implementation and equipment;
  • ceased operations.

5.2. Partner

5.2.1. One registered Partner may have only one Partner Cabinet.

5.2.2. At the request of the Administrator, the Partner is obliged to provide additional documents confirming its reliability.

5.2.3. The partner cannot change the conditions for the fulfillment of a Good Deed that has passed moderation.

5.2.4. The Partner is obliged to confirm the completion of the Good Deed by the Program Member through the Program Website.

5.2.5. The Partner is obliged to provide Bonuses to the Participants only for those Good deeds committed by the Participants that are related to the Partner's field of activity.

5.2.6. The Partner has the right to terminate his participation in the Program at any time by sending the Administrator a written notice of termination of participation by e-mail specified in clause 7.3. of these Terms of Participation. After receiving such a notification by the Administrator, the Partner’s participation in the Program is terminated, and the Partner’s Cabinet on the Site is deleted.

6. Final Provisions

6.1. The Organizer is not responsible for the Partner's failure to fulfill its obligations to accrue Bonuses to the Participants.

6.2. The Organizer is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided by the Partner for registration, and at the same time warns of any possible negative consequences of entering incorrect personal and other data.

6.3. The Potential Partner is solely responsible for the relevance and accuracy of the information provided for registration on the Program Website.

6.4. The Organizer is not liable for any damage caused to the Partner due to the fact that the Partner informed and (or) transferred to other persons the authorization data of his Partner’s Cabinet or did not in any other way protect them.

6.5. The place for consideration of possible disputes arising in the framework of the Program is the Russian Federation, Vladivostok.

6.6. The date of entry into force of these Rules is the date of their publication on the Program Website.

7. Contacts

7.1. Platform Operator: ANO “Running Sports Club“ DNS ”(Digital Networks System)”

7.2. Program website:

7.3. Organizer/ Administrator:, phone: 8 800 505 47 20