1. Regulations

Civil Code of the Russian Federation (hereinafter - the Civil Code of the Russian Federation). Extracts.

Article 435. Offer

1. An offer is recognized as an offer addressed to one or several specific persons, which is quite certain, and expresses the intention of the person who made the offer to consider himself to have concluded a contract with the addressee who will accept the offer. The offer must contain the essential terms of the contract.

2. The offer binds the person who sent it from the moment it was received by the addressee. If the notice of withdrawal of the offer was received earlier or at the same time as the offer itself, the offer shall be considered not received.

Article 437. Invitation to make offers. Public offer

1. Advertising and other offers addressed to an indefinite number of persons are considered as an invitation to make offers, unless otherwise expressly indicated in the offer.

2. An offer containing all the essential conditions of the contract, from which the will of the person making the proposal is seen to conclude an agreement on the terms specified in the proposal with anyone who responds, is recognized as an offer (public offer).

Article 161. Transactions in simple written form

1. Should be made in simple writing, with the exception of transactions requiring notarization:

  • transactions of legal entities between themselves and with citizens;
  • transactions between citizens for an amount exceeding ten thousand rubles, and in cases provided by law, regardless of the amount of the transaction.
(as amended by Federal Law of 07.05.2013 N 100-ФЗ)

2. Compliance with a simple written form is not required for transactions that, in accordance with Article 159 of this Code, may be made orally.

Section 434. Form of Agreement

1. An agreement may be concluded in any form provided for transactions, unless a specific form is established for this type of agreement by law.
If the parties agreed to conclude a contract in a specific form, it is considered concluded after giving it the agreed form, at least by law for contracts of this type this form was not required.

2. A contract in writing may be concluded by drafting one document signed by the parties, as well as by exchanging letters, telegrams, telexes, telefaxes and other documents, including electronic documents transmitted via communication channels, which make it possible to establish reliably that the document is coming from the party under the contract.
An electronic document transmitted via communication channels shall recognize information prepared, sent, received or stored by electronic, magnetic, optical or similar means, including the exchange of information in electronic form and e-mail.

3. The written form of the contract is considered to be complied with if the written proposal to conclude the contract is accepted in the manner prescribed by paragraph 3 of Article 438 of this Code.

4. In cases stipulated by law or by agreement of the parties, a contract in writing may be concluded only by drawing up one document signed by the parties to the contract.

Section 438. Acceptance

1. Acceptance is the response of the person to whom the offer is addressed, on its acceptance. Acceptance must be complete and unconditional.

2. Silence is not an acceptance, unless otherwise provided by law, agreement of the parties, custom or from previous business relations of the parties.

3. The fulfillment by the person who received the offer, within the time period established for its acceptance, of actions to fulfill the conditions of the agreement specified therein (shipment of goods, provision of services, performance of work, payment of the corresponding amount, etc.) is considered an acceptance, unless otherwise provided by law, other legal acts or not specified in the offer.

2. General Provisions

2.1. This document is a contract - a public offer of ANO “Running Sports Club“ DNS ”(Digital Network System)”, hereinafter referred to as the “Platform Operator”, addressed to an indefinite number of persons and containing all the essential terms of the contract, the conclusion of which is the subject of this proposal.

2.2. In accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 437, subparagraph 1 of paragraph 1 of Article 161, paragraph 3 of Article 434, paragraph 3 of Article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, if the conditions set forth below are accepted, the person making the acceptance of this offer becomes one of the parties to the contract, hereinafter referred to as the “User Platforms ”, and the Platform Operator and Platform User, respectively, by the Parties to the agreement.

2.3. The acceptance of the offer, indicating the conclusion of the contract, is the continued registration by the Platform User through the registration form or social networks.

2.4. In connection with the foregoing, carefully read the text of this document. If the acceptor (the Platform User) does not agree with any provision of this document, the Platform Operator suggests not concluding an agreement.

2.5. By accepting the offer, that is, concluding an agreement, the Platform User confirms that he has read, understood and agreed with all the rules included in this document, its annexes, other documents referenced by this document and accepts them unconditionally and in full.
The Platform Operator is not responsible for the ignorance or non-compliance by the Platform User with the requirements and rules established in this document, its annexes, in other documents referenced by this document.

3. Subject of the contract

3.1. The subject of the agreement concluded by accepting this offer is the use by the User of the Platform of the software complex (hereinafter, the Platform), in the amount defined in this document.

3.2. The scope of authority provided by the Platform Operator to the Platform User:

  • creation of a personal account on the Platform, within which the Platform User gets access to his account; personal statistics; a repository of information about services and goods that the User ordered (acquired) through the Platforms;
  • access to registration for sporting or athletic events (hereinafter, also - “event”, “sporting event”, “event”); the possibility of acquiring related services and goods;

4. Use of the Platform by the User of the Platform

4.1. The User of the Platform independently ensures compliance with the information posted within his authority on the Platform with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
The Platform user is solely responsible in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation for the content, placement, distribution of information.

4.2. The user of the Platform is responsible for providing complete and reliable data about himself.

4.3. The Platform Operator reserves the right not to publish on the Platform information posted by the Platform User containing (and / or) spelling errors, punctuation errors, profanity, information whose circulation is prohibited or restricted in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as other information on discretion of the Platform Operator.
If the information specified in paragraph 1 of this paragraph has been published, the Platform Operator reserves the right to remove such information from the Platform.
The Platform Operator, refusing to publish information or deleting information already published, is not obliged to explain to the Platform User the reason why such information was not published or was deleted.

4.4. If the violation by the Platform User of its obligations arising from this document has led to losses for the Platform Operator, the Platform User will indemnify such losses to the Platform Operator.

4.5. The User of the Platform does not mind receiving from the Platform Operator or a person authorized by the Platform Operator short text messages (SMS) or e-mail (e-mail) with information regarding the Platform.

4.6. In pursuance of Part 1 of Article 9 of Federal Law No. 152-FZ of July 27, 2006 “On Personal Data”, the Platform User, upon entering into this agreement, agrees to the Platform Operator to process their personal data specified during registration on the Platform, as well as those specified in this document, in particular, surname, name, patronymic, data of an identity document, as well as gender, date of birth, phone number, email address, biometric personal data, information about the profession, labor activity, ND PERIPHERAL EQUIPMENT to the organization (individual entrepreneur).
The processing of personal data is understood as any action (operation) or a set of actions (operations) performed using automation tools or without using such tools with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, changing), retrieval , use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data.
The processing of personal data of the Platform User is carried out solely for the purpose of fulfilling this agreement.
ДThe date of issue of consent to the processing of personal data of the Platform User is the date of acceptance (paragraph 2.3. Of this document). The consent is valid for 5 (Five) years from the date of issuance of consent to the processing of personal data.
Consent to the processing of personal data may be revoked by the Platform User on the basis of a written application in any form addressed to the Platform Operator and sent to the address:

4.7. If the Platform User purchases goods (services) through the Platform, then a notice of refusal to fulfill the purchase and sale agreement should be sent directly to the seller (contractor).

5. Final Provisions

5.1. In the event of a change in personal information, the totality of which allows the Parties to execute this agreement, the Parties undertake to notify each other of all such changes by sending a notice within 5 (Five) calendar days from the day such changes occur.
Otherwise, the information sent to the last known details (addresses) will be considered transmitted properly.

5.2. In order to efficiently and promptly resolve issues related to the execution of this agreement, the Parties recognize the legal force of information and documents transmitted and received by e-mail, provided that the email addresses or domain names specified have been used to send and receive information and documents. in this agreement, upon registration, passed by the User of the Platform on the Platform, which is necessary for further use of the Platform, a notice of data change (clause 5. 1. of this contract).

5.3. Each of the Parties has the right to unilaterally and unconditionally terminate this Agreement by writing in writing to the other Party no later than 1 (One) month before the expected date of termination. In this case, the contract shall be deemed terminated after 1 (One) month from the date of receipt of such notification by the other Party.

6. Details of the Platform Operator

  • Platform Operator: ANO “Running Sports Club“ DNS ”(Digital Networks System)”
  • OGRN 1152500001004
  • Legal address: 690068, Primorsky Territory, Vladivostok, prospect 100th anniversary of Vladivostok, 155, building 3
  • Actual address: 690002, Primorsky Territory, Vladivostok, Yeniseiskaya st., 23B
  • Phone: 8-800-505-47-20
  • Email address:
  • Website (domain name):