Help pets
Help homeless animal feed, medicine, tray filler and get bonuses

Why is it important:

More than 100 pets - just such a number of cats and dogs are on average monthly on the balance sheet and under the tutelage of the Umka fund. They need food, care and often expensive treatment. The fund is a completely non-profit organization, all activities are carried out to the aid of caring people and volunteers. With your participation you can save the life of an animal, cure, feed, give it a calm old age or a chance to wait for a new loving owner.

Help animals and get bonuses:

  1. Contact the Umka fund, coordinate with a specialist how to provide assistance.
  2. Provide assistance.
  3. Contact a specialist for bonuses in the framework of the project "Marathon of Good."
  4. Provide the specialist with your email or phone number for crediting bonuses.

In order for you to receive bonuses, you must be a registered user of the portal. You can register right on the spot in just a couple of minutes via Google, Facebook, VK account. In order for you to be credited with bonuses by phone number, you must additionally specify it in the user profile.

Partner: Umka Homeless Animal Care Foundation.