Take a new friend to your family
Take a new friend to your family and get bonuses

Why is it important:

Over 10 years, almost 1,000 cats and dogs, thanks to the Umka Fund, have found a new home and loving, caring owners. You can also find a fourth friend and give him a happy life in your family. We do not know what else to say. If you did this - thank you for your enormous kind heart!

Take your pet to the family and get bonuses:

  1. Contact the Umka fund.
  2. Take the cat or dog to the family.
  3. Contact a specialist for bonuses under the "Marathon of Good" program.
  4. Provide the specialist with your email or phone number for crediting bonuses.

In order for you to receive bonuses, you must be a registered user of the https://bonus.rundnsrun.ru portal. You can register right on the spot in just a couple of minutes via Google, Facebook, VK account. In order for you to be credited with bonuses by phone number, you must additionally specify it in the user profile.

Partner: Umka Homeless Animal Care Foundation.