Marathon of Kindness

Let's do good deeds together!

“Marathon of Kindness” is a charity project created by the RunDnsRun running club team, for everyone who is not indifferent to running, striving to change themselves and the world for the better

Акция «Мечты «невидимых» стариков»
Current Region/City: Vladivostok

We believe that together we can do more, because everyone can do a good deed. To teach an elderly person to work on the Internet, to feed or shelter a homeless kitten or puppy, to give a little care to the children from orphanages, donate blood and save someone’s life ... It does not take a lot of money or time. Many of you are already doing this on an ongoing basis, and someone is only on the way to starting to help others.

We know for sure - there are no "small" good deeds. And to make them even easier - they formed social project cards with step-by-step instructions and contacts of partner organizations.

In gratitude for every good deed, we accrue bonuses to all participants of the Good Marathon project that you can exchange for a discount to participate in our marathons and for souvenirs in the club's online store.

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