Help seniors
Help older people learn how to use the Internet and applications, or how to use a mobile phone, and get bonuses

Why is it important:

Smartphone, internet, whatsup ... What is easy and familiar for you, for older people is difficult and scary. Our grandparents are embarrassed to ask for help or admit that they find it difficult to understand. Of course, patience is required to teach the older generation to use the search in the browser, pay bills online or send photos to their grandchildren via social networks. But you can’t imagine how many words of gratitude you will hear from your “students”, and how together you will enjoy each new skill!

Become a volunteer and get bonuses:

  1. Become a center volunteer. To do this, sign up by phone: 8 (423) 260-43-14
  2. A schedule will be developed for you to teach the group.
  3. Conduct training - help older people learn Internet and application skills or mobile phone skills.
  4. Contact a specialist for bonuses in the framework of the project "Marathon of Good."
  5. Provide the specialist with your email or phone number for crediting bonuses.

In order for you to receive bonuses, you must be a registered user of the portal. You can register right on the spot in just a couple of minutes via Google, Facebook, VK account. In order for you to be credited with bonuses by phone number, you must additionally specify it in the user profile.

Partner: Primorsky Center for Social Services.

  • Center address: Primorsky Territory, Vladivostok, st. Irtyshskaya, d. 8.
  • Phone: 8 (423) 260-43-14
  • Partner site:
  • Email address: