Separate the garbage
Separate the garbage, bring it to the recycling center, and get bonuses.

Why is it important:

A resident of Russia produces 400 kilograms of waste per year. This is 40 million tons of garbage from all over Russia, 93% of which is disposed of in landfills and landfills.

Separate collection allows processing up to 90% of waste. For a separate collection system, almost all waste is recycled, which can be used more than once for the production of new products. Such a system makes it possible to abandon waste incineration and pyrolysis, which poison nature and people, reduce the environmental impact, reduce harmful emissions and restore the natural system.

Hand over trash and get bonuses:

  1. Collect garbage according to recycling guidelines.
  2. Sort recyclables by type before delivery.
  3. Bring the recyclables to the collection point and sort them by type.
  4. Contact a specialist for bonuses in the framework of the project "Marathon of Good."
  5. Provide the specialist with your email or phone number for crediting bonuses.

In order for you to receive bonuses, you must be a registered user of the portal. You can register right on the spot in just a couple of minutes via Google, Facebook, VK account. In order for you to be credited with bonuses by phone number, you must additionally specify it in the user profile.

Garbage can be taken every day. But accrual of bonuses is possible no more than 1 time per week, and no more than 6 times every six months.

Partner: Environmental movement "Separate collection" and KSUE "Primorsky environmental operator".