On October 24 of 2019, the Primorsky Ecological Operator, together with the Separate Collection volunteer environmental movement, opened the first permanent Recycling Facility in the Primorsky Territory for all residents.

Experienced employees of the Regional Operator and separate collection volunteers will always help you understand the sorting features, tell you what is processed in the region and beyond, and also tell you how to reduce the amount of waste produced and what packages should be avoided!

You can pass:

  1. Waste paper (corrugated cardboard, white printed paper, books and newspapers are rented separately)
  2. Glass (without lids and caps, delhi by colors: transparent, brown, green)
  3. Cans and other cans without food and beverage residues, other metal objects
  4. Plastic marked in the Mobius triangle:
    • ПЭТ (РЕТ, 1) — только бутылочный, разных цветов
    • ПНД (HDPE, 2) — твёрдую тару от бытовой химии и различные пакеты
    • ПВД (LDPE, 4) — пакетированный и плёночный
    • ПП (PP, 5) — тару от продуктов формованную и пакетированную
  5. Thanks to the Ecostar Technology company, you can also turn in batteries, mercury lamps and thermometers, broken equipment, expired medicines and cosmetics. In no case should these types of waste get into the bin!

Address and contacts: